Inspiration vs. Efficiency

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

On occasion I delay the writing of a post (like this one) and they seem to run off and write themselves.  Or at least create situations that kick me in the ass enough to write it.

Today; while brainstorming ways to delay writing, I went out to lunch.  Because what writer doesn’t find inspiration in authentic Mexican food and inexpensive beers.  So off I go to the local mexican joint, maybe a block away from my apartment.

As I post up at the bar, I see another guy sitting solo and start a conversation.  He’s an Art Director taking the day off to watch Columbia play Bolivia in a World Cup qualifier.  We get into the need for time off to provide clear thinking and to derive inspiration for future work.  Ironically, our talk about the need to procrastinate is just the kick in the ass I needed to get this document opened.  And hopefully you’ve made it through the last three paragraphs and I can finally stumble to the point of this rant.

When being incredibly efficient you deliver on time.  You streamline process and increase output.  You focus on what’s important and you make time for the things that are necessary.  You also end up missing something.

There’s a great deal of inspiration in the world.  Outside of the office.  In random conversations, and unlikely observations.  Going through shitty experiences and inefficient processes can often be the greatest trigger to envision a better solution.  But it has to be seen as it is.

It’s a delicate balance, running this line between finding conversations that inspire ideas and allocating the time to deliver on those ideas.  But one without the other will leave you lacking.  So as you drill through task after task, don’t forget the accidental awesomeness that comes from walking out the door.

  1. gary says:

    AG Lafley had this painted on the wall of The Gym, a P&G-sanctioned brainstorming facility:

    Always loved this. So true.

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