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Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Disconnected is a low budget documentary I’m concepting over the summer and beginning to film in the fall.  Below is a basic one pager overviewing why I believe this film needs to be made, and a high level look at how it would be structured.  The idea is still fluid at this point and any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Theory: There is a massive gap between the skills being taught in University classrooms throughout the Northeast and the skills needed to be successful in the business world.  Why?

Overview: Feature 8 schools throughout the Northeast, 5 to 6 that are completely behind and try to understand where their struggles or roadblocks are.  Than focus on 2 to 3 schools that seem to get it and deliver for their students.  Now hold these schools up next to each other and identify what are the important variables, the ones that really make a difference in developing students for life after school.


Students – The major question here is are students aware…  Aware of what will be important skills when they get out of school, aware that other resources exist to learn, aware that they can/should be questioning the school to see if it’s holding up its end of the deal

Professors – Understand the struggles that professors face, balancing teaching with research and is research around areas that are important to students success.

School Administration – From strategic direction to daily interaction with students is there a plan in place to deliver on students needs.  Where are the minds of the leaders of these Universities, what are primary focuses for them, and how is time being allocated?

Business Community – What do you see in millennials that you think is a positive change and where would you like to see improvement?  How has the role of Universities changed in developing the minds of young people to succeed in business?

Factors to Consider: 

  • Size and focus of the University
  • Urban or Rural
  • Tuition prices
  • Public vs. private

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