The Difference…for me at least

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I don’t think this holds true across the board.  In the sense that it’s not the same for everyone. But for me I’ve found there has been one massive differentiator, something I’ve always done better than almost anyone else.  And it sounds simple but it’s taken a shit ton of focus and persistence.  And it’s surrounding myself with a really solid group of people.  Not just people who have made a lot of money or who have had a great deal of success in business, but genuinely good people.  People who are authentic and have a fire under their ass; people who love what they do and would take on a small army for their friends.

To deviate for a moment, I began writing this with no real goal outside of verbalizing how much of a difference (an understated difference I believe) having the right people around you really does make.  And in thinking about it I’m going to take this article in a slightly different direction than initially planned.  So what I’m going to do is cut this article off here and start a series of posts (once a week) surrounding how I came to meet the people who have changed my life in drastic ways.  They’re stories that I’ve never told before and I hope you find as much value in reading them as I plan to garner from writing them.

As a final thought, I certainly don’t thank my friends enough for all they’ve done for me.  Something I should be doing much more, might not be a bad idea to spend a week writing a letter once a day to people who have made a huge difference in your life.  I know I’d love to get a note like that from someone else.  And I have a pretty good idea who that first note is going to.


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