Simple but not so easy, rules to live by

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Let’s start off with an honest statement…I don’t do all these things.  Actually I fall short on most of these things quite frequently, but as a work in progress I find it invigorating to put out into the world a challenge to myself.  And to you as well.

There’s also a game-plan that goes along with this list: 

  1. Once a month I’ll be creating a new list, looking to build off of the previous month’s, with new ideas for learning, becoming better, and even more charming.
  2. I’ll post a tracking system (yet to be created) to hold myself accountable and keep score.
  3. If/when you decide to create your own list or use this one, tell people!  Nothing sparks a fire under my ass like having to live up to a public goal.

The List: 

Capture Everything (almost everything)

    • People, places, processes, major fails – This is an opportunity for a month to understand what grabs your attention, bring to light things you take for granted and understand yourself a bit better.  For this one I’d say a small point and shoot camera would be ideal, make sure it’s easy to carry.  Lets keep it simple and say capture 10 items per day, no rules other than that.
    • Ideas – My best ideas disappear as quickly as they come.  I may just say that because I can’t remember them so I claim they’re the best but now we’ll see.  I’m keeping a notebook next to the shower and getting back in the habit of using evernote to get down ideas.
    • Stories – I’ve always been in love with what story corps does, capturing people reflecting on what moments have mattered the most to them.  And to see it is amazing, but to sit down with people is a whole different experience.  I’m doing at least 2 interviews a week of people, finding out what’s inspired them in their lives.

Do what you say

    • Write down promises made – I feel like this piece is more than half the battle, just being able to recall what it is that I said I’d do.  Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to have in a single document all the commitments you’ve made to everyone over the course of a week?  Sounds frekin fantastic to me, and will certainly make me a better fried/consultant/resource/you get it.
    • Date them – Now that you have them all down, date em all.  And I like to add in a bit of a buffer, always nice to deliver promises early.
    • Check and track – Instead of missing delivering on promises I’m thinking this will help me to gauge how far I’m extending myself and correct the amount of yes’s I put out there before over committing.  Again that’s just a prediction, a hopeful prediction.

Everyday do’s

    •   Write a thank you letter
    •   Meet someone new 
    •   Do 3 small favors for people 
    •   Plan out the day in the morning 
    •   Tell at least one story 

Laugh often

    • The law of attraction – People are attracted to people who laugh.  There’s no two ways about it, it’s a sign of confidence, of friendship and of genuine good fun having.
    • Yourself – Laugh at yourself.  One of the most greatest shows of confidence that I’ve come across is self-deprecation.  People who don’t take themselves to seriously and often poke fun at themselves before targeting other people.  Both classy and hilarious.
    • De-stress – Have you ever been really mad while laughing.  Probably not… Or really stressed out, I doubt it.  It’s an instant mood changer, and certainly gives perspective on all the things that can be derailing.

Write your own rules…Here’s the fun part.  The discovery of what matters to you enough to make it the center of your focus for an entire month.

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